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PTU Trend Jumper Re-launch Bonus!

Hello, we’veĀ  some news to announce today! A quick reminder first. We have our final Live NetPicks PTU Trend Jumper Trading Demo Webinar tonight. This is the last chance to get in on a Trend Jumper webinar for several months. Grab a spot now if you don’t already trade with Trend Jumper: Taaataa…. Trend Jumper […]


Power Trading Crude Oil Futures with Trend Jumper and Renko

This video just release five days ago, TJ trade two different Trend Jumper techniques with Crude Oil Futures. There are many ways to obtain diversification. TJ like to ‘Power Trade,’ that is, trade the same market with different approaches. Especially with Crude Oil Futures, one of the best day trade markets. Watch this to know […]


Trend Jumper Mastermind

Hey buddy, A New Year. This year it will be different right? What is your goals in 2014? What if I told you you could dramatically improve your trading and break free of your disappointing trading results from 2013? And, if you could do that with a minimal and reasonable amount of time per day? […]