PTU Options Mastery Relaunch – What Is This?

Join The PTU Options Mastery Training

One of Netpicks highest rates training programs is our PTU Options Mastery Program. And It going to relaunch soon!
Netpicks are re-releasing their popular PTU Options Mastery Program.  This is only the third time they ever offered this program and it has been nearly five months since the last time so the time to strike is now.

The program has proved popular and successful for the students who enrolled last time and the Coach who leads the training and all the support is Michael Rykse.  Coach Mike as we call him has a number of years of successful and profitable options trading experience behind him and he built a complete training program along with a fully developed trading system that focuses on 20+ markets to trade options on throughout the year.  High volume stocks and ETFs are the focus.

Students who enroll will learn everything from the basics of options trading right through to advanced options techniques and walk away with a fully developed trading system and software they can implement immediately upon completion of the training.  Along with ongoing training sessions, updates throughout the week and our world class student customer service.

Here’s the dates and the key send.  Each event is a webinar with complete educational training and a soft pitch to let you enroll in the Options Mastery. 

The Date

Pre Launch: April 3rd, 6th, 8th

This is the key send right here.  You will be offering a free, fully developed Options Trading System for a few topic markets including Apple, Google and the Dow Index with proven results.  This is the training you must join in!

Event:  Tuesday, April 8th

The Reversal of Fortunes Options Strategy – This is the free setup, training, software

There are two different time for the webinar. Remember make sure you are jump into the right time for the training.

Click here for 7pm PTU Options Mastery Webinar 

Click here  for 12pm PTU Options Mastery Webinar 

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