Trend Jumper Relaunch On July!

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If you’re in the US, Happy Independence Day! And if you’re abroad… Happy Thursday!

This post is going out to any trader who looking to learn Trend Jumper system and increase their pips with FREE RISK.

Genetically-Modified Scalping Trend Jumper System.

Starting this Saturday, July 6th, Netpicks kicking off a *mini launch* for their modified-scalping software, PTU Trend Jumper!

This high-frequency system is a *genetically-modified* scalping method that CUTS the risk while turbo-charging results.

Believe it or not, it’s a jaw-dropping, easy to learn strategy that’s actually FUN to trade.

Even crazier, this system regularly sells for $997.00 to the public. In the last release in April, literally HUNDREDS of traders ran to pay *full retail price* for this system.

But I managed to convince the developers to let my users have their best, most lucrative  indicators without the triple-digit price tag.

Right now, you’re going to the 2 most profitable Trend Jumper trade plans FREE for life. No joking.

If you have optin into the Trend Jumper waiting list from here before, now is the time to claim your Free Modified Scalping System. Yes! This is a FREE copy for you right now!

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Trend Jumper Relaunch Schedule

I’m not sure this time the mini launch will takes how long. However proudly to says that, from the last launch this system is SOLD OUT and with just lowest refund compared to other products that Netpicks launch before!

Last time I have posted a review here for you guys to know more how its works. And now, they do developed their system with more advance and cuts your trading risk literally.

Below here are the mini launch schedule you must know. Do me a favor, bookmark it to get latest update and share to your pal if they need this.

Here’s the schedule… 

  • July 6th: Free Trend Jumper System Giveaway
  • July 8th: Performance + Webinar Invite
  • July 10th: Price Increase Threat + Performance + Webinar
  • July 11th: LAUNCH DAY
  • July 12th: Replay + Price Increase + Shutdown Threat
  • July 14th: 24-Hour final shutdown + Bullet Recap
  • July 15th: FINAL SHUTDOWN ( *Subject To Change)

Well, this is the initial schedule by Netpicks. After you optin here you will get the their announcement day by day. And as usual, I will give you all the links to let you watch their demo perfomance, webinars and etc. Don’t forget to claim Trend Jumper bonus if you get a copy during launch day!

P/S – Just for early birds!

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Trend Jumper Sold Out?

Trend Jumper Is NOT your program anymore

After a month launching period , finally Trend Jumper has been closed.

No reason, because it’s just sold out!

You can click that banner at your right hand site or the blue link above to get into the Trend Jumper waiting list.

Once re-released, I will update this blog to let you know the New Trend Jumper System again.

So Any Good Trading Coaching Again To Recommend?

Yes, there is one trading coaching launching until 4th May 2013 called OptionsMD which is the product from TradingConcepts and the creator is Doc Serverson. If you never heard of this guy – I suggest you can read about him by clicking this link here.

And also, you can check this out at here – OptionsMD Review

Well, besides Trend Jumper, OptionsMD is another high quality coaching program that I prefer to endorsed.

Honestly, this coaching program is more focusing on Options Trading and its does helps out a lot of traders out there to make consistent and passive monthly incomes from trading.

So what will be provided in this optionsMD? To keep it short, please visit and watch the presentation below:


OptionsMD Coaching Program Modules



P.S. I can’t believe I almost forgot to tell you this…

When you enroll today, Doc will make himself PERSONALLY available for an entire year, offering you unlimited trading support!

If you’re still struggling as a trader, you simply cannot afford not to take advantage of this transformational program!

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Trend Jumper Closing Soon

Last 24 Hours For Trend Jumper Registration

Just a quick update here

Trend Jumper is going *OFF THE MARKET* in 24 Hours! Grab Your Copy Before It’s Gone.

By this time tomorrow, Trend Jumper registration will be
CLOSED to all new members.

Trend Jumper  have reached their full capacity so Netpicks forced to pull the system, shut down registration, and prevent and more new copies from being sold!

So… if you’re sitting on the fence, DO NOT DELAY.

** Register NOW before they’re gone **


When Is The Next Launch For Trend Jumper?

Sadly, I DON’T know when we’ll be re-releasing Trend Jumper in the future… but I know it won’t be for another several months.

Don’t take a chance by procrastinating… Mark Soberman instructed his team to NOT accept any last-minute complainers

(which is exactly why I’m giving you this 24-hour notice).

Go now before the 24-hour time limit is up

Good Trading,


P.S. Ready to register? Save time with the direct links.
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All Right Reserved Trend Jumper Closing Soon

Why Choose Trend Jumper?

Trend Jumper Bonus

In this video I’d shows to you what are the points to join Trend Jumper as your succeed system today.

Besides that, I have prepared my Trend Jumper System Bonus which will shows in below video. You can download it all with just spend your little time. This exclusive bonuses are total in $1000. The steps are here:

1. Clear your cookies in your searching software like Google Chrome, Fire Fox or Internet Explorer.

2. Watch the video below and get to know the bonuses I’m giving away. All bonuses are those materials to assisting you in trading and to as a references.

3. Click the below button” Register Trend Jumper System” and watch the webinar.

4. After the webinar, add to cart direction will be show to you and you just need to click it and purchase.

5. After 45 days refund period, I will send the link for you to download it.


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Trend Jumper Special DISCOUNT for EARLY BIRD?

Yes, I will give out DISCOUNT to those who purchase Trend Jumper System here.

After 45 Days refund period, I will paypal you $10 and together with all the bonuses  as shown.

So you must give me your receipt, once verified, your name will in my list. That’s all!


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Trend Jumper Officially Release Soon

One of the most important webinars in Trend Jumper is going on right now. Mark Soberman and Brian Short the creators of PTU Trend Jumper and founder of Netpicks is teaching a top secret technique that could make AT LEAST 1000 pips or more after 30 days. Click this link below to join them LIVE Webinar.

Trend Jumper Info Webinar One

Trend Jumper will be officially release on 18th April 2013. Make sure you sign up for this game changing trading webinar. They will reveal never before heard of techniques that got dramatically change your profit in trading, how you trade and all the stress out if your trading! Read More…

Trend Jumper Is LIVE – Get Your Free Access Here!

Free Trading System – Trend Jumper

Finally Trend Jumper is Launching! To be remind this is the pre launch from NetPicks. NetPicks want their customers to know the level of standard on Trend Jumper, and this is their purpose on this pre-launch.

Last few days, I received some emails from the buddies and they asked me, is this require any charge?

My answer is No! Is all for you! Now I gonna share to you how to get this FREE Trend Jumper.

Read More…

Trend Jumper Launching Schedule

Trend Jumper Launch Time Table Reveal

Trend Jumper Launches ImageIt’s high-frequency, low-risk and we’re all about the jump for high octane action and plenty of market opportunity. Forex, Futures, Stocks, Options, ETFs, day trading, swing trading — you name it, it’s profiting. Check out this blog for more product info.

The launch festivities begin on April 8 and run until April 25. I’ll keep you up-to-date as the launch draws near, but in the meantime be sure to bookmark these critical dates on your calendar… Read More…

Trend Jumper Review – Get Your Updates Here!

How Trend Jumper Work?

Click Trend Jumper HereWelcome to our new blog, everybody! I’m super excited to finally be able to bring to you, the newest trade strategy, the Trend Jumper. This Forex System is created by NetPicks, they always pushing the envelope, developing novel ways to approach the markets so that their membership can prosper, but also teaming up our strategies with second-to-none support and training.

They’re bringing something all together new and fresh with the Trend Jumper.

This versatile and highly effective approach to trading has some very unique things going for it. For one thing, it has very few moving parts. Simplicity is usually the best way to approach trading because fewer moving parts mean fewer things that can go wrong. It can be used for day trading and swing trading and works across many markets; futures, Forex  stocks and etcs. Read More…

Introducing Trend Jumper – You Need To Read This!

What is Trend Jumper?

Hi everyone, this is Trend Jumper Review Blog site.

Firstly, we want you to beer in mind that, this blog will be update from time to time, so that you guys can have a good and clear picture to purchase this low risk trading system.

Trend Jumper will be launch at 8th April – 1st May 2013.

For those who don’t know, Trend Jumper is one of the well known Trading system among the  Forex Trading.

PTU Trend Jumper is well known trading system among the Forex Trading courses and it also is one of the systems that NetPicks  teach in their Premier Trader University. After developing the system and teaching it to their current PTU students, they realized just how easy it was to teach and learn. Plus, with the ultra impressive win rate. So they  decided to separate it out from the University and offer it as a stand-alone trading system for those wanting to get a taste of the action (but not YET ready to upgrade to the full PTU experience).

Read More…

What Is Forex Trading System

The activity of trading stock on the foreign exchange market is called Forex trading or FX for short. FX, an acronym for Forex trading, encompasses the art of stock trading on the foreign exchange market. The abbreviation FX, refers to Forex trading, a process of trading stock on the foreign exchange market.

The practice of trading stock on the foreign exchange market is defined as Forex trading or simply, FX. By way of definition, Forex trading involves the process of buying and selling stock on the foreign exchange market. The foreign exchange market is a place where stocks are traded, an activity commonly called FX or Forex trading. FX or Forex trading embodies the activity of stock trading on the foreign exchange market. Trading stock on the foreign exchange market is what Forex trading, also known as FX, is all about. Read More…