Power Trading Crude Oil Futures with Trend Jumper and Renko

This video just release five days ago, TJ trade two different Trend Jumper techniques with Crude Oil Futures. There are many ways to obtain diversification. TJ like to ‘Power Trade,’ that is, trade the same market with different approaches. Especially with Crude Oil Futures, one of the best day trade markets.

Watch this to know how he can manage to multiple positions by using the unique Trend Jumper Pro with Renko as well as one of the more advanced techniques as recently taught in the Advanced Training Bootcamp.

If you are interested in trading with Renko bars, you may want to consider the PTU Trend Jumper Strategy. As you will see in this video, Renko offers some very unique advantages. The PTU Trend Jumper works great on many different charts and markets; futures, forex, stocks, options, day charts, tick charts, range bars, renko and even time based charts.

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