PTU Trend Jumper Re-launch Bonus!

Hello, we’ve  some news to announce today! A quick reminder first. We have our final Live NetPicks PTU Trend Jumper Trading Demo Webinar tonight. This is the last chance to get in on a Trend Jumper webinar for several months. Grab a spot now if you don’t already trade with Trend Jumper:

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Trend Jumper Discount Here!

From today 24th Jan —-> 26th Jan 2014 who click this link to purchase Full Package of PTU TrendJumper  you will get my $150 of rebate.

Listen, my offer is just for the one who seriously want to join Trend Jumper in this 3 days. After this, I will never offer it again. and the cart will be close ever!

So, do you really want this deal?

Yes, GIVE ME $150 Rebate! star rating

How to Claim this?

1. Close down the TrendJumper website if you have it open in your browser and then clear the cookies in your browser (click here for a tutorial explaining how to do this) This is Incredibly Important, if you don’t then I won’t be credited for the sale.

2. Then click on the link below to re-open the Trend Jumper website and make your purchase!

Click Here To Purchase PTU Trend Jumper

3. Retrieve your order receipt or proof of purchase that will be sent to the email address you entered when purchasing and send it to so I can verify your purchase.

4. I’ll respond to your email asap and please send me your paypal address as well (I normally reply very quickly but please do allow me a few days to reply in case I’m extra busy and also check your junk folder for my reply, sometimes my emails can get lost in there).


Please don’t refund within 45 days, or else your rebate will be cancel, and please remember this offer is just for this three days and your purchase must be PTU Trend Jumper.

Click Here To Purchase PTU Trend Jumper

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